Vision Mission & Mandate


“To be the premier authority in water infrastructure development and management in Kenya and beyond”


“Developing and managing national water works infrastructure towards enhancing water security, flood mitigation and storage for multipurpose use.”

Core Values

  •     Sustaubility
  •     Transparency
  •     Reliability
  •     Accountability
  •     Innovation
  •     Governance
  •     Honesty
  •     Teamwork

Core Mandate  

  • Develop state schemes and spearhead dam construction for water supplies, flood control and other multi-purpose uses, land drainage and construction of dykes.
  • Carry out ground water recharge using flood water.
  • Develop, retain existing and expand bulk water supply to Water Service Boards and other Water Service Providers.
  • Drill and equip boreholes.

Strategic Objectives

1. Develop and manage public water works infrastructure
2. Protect/save lives and property from the effects of floods
3. Mainstream crosscutting and policy issues as per guidelines
4. Enhance institutional capacity building
5. Enhance financial sustainability
6. Improve corporate image and enhance customer service.

Water is life or Maji ni uhai