Human Resource Administration


The Human Resources and Administration function is critical to the smooth operation of National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation. NWCPC, like any other organization can only achieve its objectives and ensure maximum utilization of its Human Capital through effective management of its workforce.  The Human Resources and Administration Department is charged with the important responsibility of ensuring that the Corporation maintains an effective, knowledgeable and disciplined workforce.

  • The department is divided into five sections namely;
  • Staff development and training
  • Human Resources
  • Administration
  • Security
  • Industrial Relations and Staff Welfare
  • Department Vision Statement
  • To be the engine of the organizational motivation, a mentor to the managers in people management and the source of both physical and psychological security and organizational mobility.

Department Mission Statement
To recruit, develop, motivate and retain an efficient and effective work force for the Corporation; and to provide effective support services for optimal functioning of the organization.

Function of Human Resources and Administration;

  • Initiate and develop appropriate Human Resources policies, procedures/practices for the efficient and effective management of the Corporation workforce.
  • Interpret and implement Human Resources policies and procedures as contained in the Corporation Code of Regulations.
  • Facilitate the recruitment of staff with appropriate knowledge and skills.
  • Provide fair and equitable compensation based on job demand and regular appraisal of staff performance.
  • Advice management on all Human Resources matters including proper utilization of available human resources.
  • Provide good working environment, to ensures staff development, motivation and enhance staff personal dignity.
  • Ensure the Corporation maintains an effective, efficient and a well-disciplined workforce capable of meeting required job targets.
  • Ensure the Corporation has a defined staff establishment to ensure proper Human Resources planning and further to assist in the establishment of an organizational structure with clear defined and documented job descriptions.
  • Oversee the management of Administration services, namely: office services, Personnel Registry, Management of office equipment and other allied functions and office security.