Corporate and Legal Services


The Corporate and Legal Services Department is strategic to the Corporation to ensure that the organization’s image to the public remains good and to advise the Board of Directors and management on legal issues to ensure that all risks are properly managed. It is also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that quality is maintained in all activities undertaken by the Corporation.

The Department undertakes the following:

  • To ensure quality standards are adhered to during implementation of programs for the Corporation
  • To create a strong sense of credibility, effective delivery of information and proper establishment of the positive image of the Corporation
  • To produce the Corporation’s newsletter NAWACO on quarterly basis
  • To provide legal advice to the Corporation’s Board of Directors and Management on good corporate governance
  • To as the secretariat to the Board
  • Procure statutory and other insurance covers for the Corporation, its Directors, staff and assets.
  • Manage litigation.
  • Vet and manage contracts

The Department has three divisions namely:

  • The Legal Division;
  • The Corporate Communications Division;
  • The Environment Division.