Construction and Electromechanical

Construction and Electromechanical department comprises of six divisions.  These are:-

  • Large dams
  • Drilling
  • Small dams/pans
  • Flood control
  • Electromechanical
  • Business Development Unit

Specifically the department undertakes the following:-

  • Construction of small dams and pans in ASAL areas to the specified standards as per designs and the relevant procedures.
  • Supervision and construction of medium size and large dams as per the specifications in the designs and drawings.
  • Drilling of boreholes across the country.
  • Operationalisation of boreholes to meet their intended purposes.
  • Mitigation against floods by e.g. construction of dykes in various parts of the country e.g. Budalangi, Nzoia etc.
  • Seepage control by e.g. lining of earth canals using reinforced concrete etc.
  • Repair of the Corporation’s vehicles, plants and equipment.
  • General maintenance and repair of the organizations structures
  • Construction of water infrastructures for other clients through the business development unit with a view of raising AIA